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Sihanouk ville


Sihanoukville is a province in southwest Cambodia offers beautiful, spacious and secluded beaches, tropical islands, diving, snorkeling activities and several national parks. Sihanoukville is gradually developing and becoming one of the new Southeast Asian beach destinations

Sihanoukville is white sand beaches and warm Gulf of Thailand waters combining with a laid back, beach atmosphere to provide a great little tropical getaway.

This is a place to unwind by the beach, enjoy the fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, take a snorkeling or scuba trip, and generally slow down, lay back and chill out.



Ream National Park has located 18 km from Sihanoukville and a must see while in Southern Cambodian. The park, which has been open since 1993, encompasses 21,000 hectares including 15 000 hectares of terrestrial and 6000 hectares of marine habitats. This Cambodian national park offers secluded beaches, mangroves forests, tropical jungles, 155 different species of birds, monkeys and during the months of December, January and February the infamous white freshwater dolphin.



Koh Rong is situated west of the Sihanoukville coast. It offers the fantastic strand of beach on its southwest, stretching about 5 km. It has fresh water resources on the island and a bustling fishing community with basic supplies including fresh water, fish, and crab.

Transfer from the hotel at 8:00am by car or bus to the local boat pier and take a boat cruise to Koh Rong it takes you 3hrs (Koh Rong) is situated about 22 kilometres.

On the way, you could do other activities for snorkeling and fishing.

Arrive in Koh Rong Rong free at leisure on a beautiful sandy beach along both its Eastern and Western shores; its main attraction.



Koh Rong Samloem, also spelt Sanloem and Saloem, is situated eighteen kilometres due west of Sihanoukville, the main beach resort of Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand and is reachable in about forty-five minutes by fast ferry or about two hours using one of the slowers converted fishing boats depending on the conditions

The island is a peaceful getaway destination which is much more tranquil and also much less developed than its larger companion island of Koh Rong which is situated about a ten-minute boat ride to the north. The clean beaches of Koh Rong Samloem suffer substantially less of the noise and light pollution that has become a problem on the larger island due to its all-night bars and party crowd dancing through the night.



Koh Ta Kiev is the widely-ignored (at least by travellers) little brother of the island group -- it is also considerably closer to the mainland than the others. The island is home to three lovely yellow-sand beaches shaded by pine trees are accessible on the island, and coral reefs make for excellent snorkelling. Long Beach hosts most of the accommodation, with Coral Beach at the southernmost, tucked in on its own secluded bay. It's possible to walk the entire stretch and the pine needles make this long sandy stretch of sand seem less 'pure' than it might otherwise feel.

Trekking paths meander through Koh Ta Kiev's jungle if you're feeling adventurous and would like to do a bit of wildlife spotting and bird watchers.Visit the fishing village on the east side and another heads south from the center of the island, leading you to Naked Beach on the south of the island.



Trips depart several times a week during the high season and slightly less frequently during the low season. The boat is also available for private charters including multiple days or overnight trips to the outlying islands $35 per person lunch included.18-meter boat with GPS and all safety gear Western style toilet and shower on board. Troll on the way out and on the return journey for Barracuda, Mackerel, and Marlin.

On arrival at the islands, we anchor and fish the reefs for Snapper, Cod, Cobia, Trevally, Pompano and any other reef fish that dare take the bait. You never know what you will pull up.

All fishing and snorkeling gear provided.

Tea, coffee, and water provided free of charge. Cold beer and soft drinks available at bar prices.

Departure for the boat is at 7:45am sharp. A tuk-tuk can be arranged to take you to from the bar to the boat at the Sihanoukville/Koh Kong ferry wharf for $1 per person each way. There is secure parking at the boat shed if you take your own motorbike.

The boat departs at 8:00am sharp and arrives back at the dock at approximately 5:30pm.

Minimum $20 deposit is required the day before the trip and is fully refundable if weather or other circumstances cause cancellation.

Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen.......... and a towel if you want to take a dip at lunchtime.


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